Great. Another creative agency. Another creative agency that promises to think about your brand, your company, your identity differently. So, yeah. We own it. Ride or Cry is a creative agency.

A creative agency that’s not only unique in its taste and its origins, quite simply, we give a fuck about making good work.

We care about being on the pulse, that’s why we’re located in the heart of Los Angeles. Counting our clients amongst our friends, finding understanding with a singular vision—to get people talking, sharing, thinking. From branding, to web creation, digital strategy, art direction, video production, experiential activations, we’re a scrappy bunch, a lean and agile team of misfits who needed a place to fit in. We are Ride or Cry.

Based in Los Angeles, California

2404 Wilshire Boulevard, 11E
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(323) 988-1264

Our Team

Babs Szabo, @babszabo
TJ Petracca, @tronstamos
Morgan Freed, @partywizard
Jacob Cooper, @jacobsafari
Ricky Fernandez, @rickytheintern
Stephania Santana, @ultravisionhollywood
Caroline Bringenberg, @carow0rld
Andrew Shuta, @andrewshuta


For inquiries or to view our capabilities deck, please email us: info@rideorcry.com.

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If you are an artist, producer, developer, or anything else creative seeking work at Ride or Cry, we look at digital portfolios regularly. Please email us at jobs@rideorcry.com.

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